SONY Reader PRS-T1 For £159.99

※画像の寸法表記が変! 1100mm x 1730mm って、1.1メートルx1.7メートルになるんだが。。デカッ!
110mm x 173mmの間違いですね。 郵便はがき(100×148mm)より、幅が10mm、高さが25mm長いと想像しましょう。

SONY Reader PRS-T1 が イギリスのSONYサイトで正式発表されたので紹介。
イギリス価格はSONY直販価格では税送料込みで £159.99 です。

純正アクセサリとして 『ACアダプタ』 『照明無しカバー(黒・白・赤)』 『照明付カバー(黒・白・赤)』 『ソフトケース(青・ピンク・緑・・黒は??)』 があるようですが、価格・詳細画像はまだ掲載されてません。

写真下部に『page xx of xxx』が見えるのでPDF(epub?)の600x800フルスクリーン表示はできないかも。


iriver story HD での 高精細XGA全画面表示を体験してしまった私としては、SVGAの機種に「自炊小説や自炊コミック利用の人にオススメ」とは言えないのですが、軽くて小さくて薄くて格好いい機種で英文テキストを読みたい人、ChainLPを利用して青空文庫などのテキストを好みのフォント・好みのフォントサイズで出力してPDFで持ち歩き、どこでも読書したい人にはいいですね。

明朝体・丸ゴシック体・教科書体、その他 キレイな日本語フォントを沢山搭載するべき
ネット英辞朗、wiki以外にも各種ネット辞書への直アクセス したい。
タイムブックタウンにもあったけど「アルク」と提携して、英語・英会話のリーディング・ヒアリング学習教材として売り出す タッチパネルだから使いやすいのできそう


SONY Reader eBook PRS-T1 For £159.99

Black / Red / White

15.2cm (6”) E link® Pearl (800x600)

Touch Screen
Clear IR Dual Touch Screen

Integrated Memory
1.4GB available memory (1200 books approximately)

Memory Card Compatibility
MircoSD Card, up to 32GB

Multilingual Dictionaries
2 ENGLISH (Britisch / Americal) + 10 TRANSLATION (to and from French / German / Spanish / Dutch / Italian)

Audio Playback

Yes (802.11b/g/n)

Font size
8 (XS - XXL)

Battery life
Over 100 hours of reading
read for up to 1 month on one battery charge

All the books you need
Find an access point and you’re ready to go with Wi-Fi built in. Get immediate access to websites such as Wikipedia and Google search to find additional information on what you are reading.
Stores up to 1200 books or documents - a whole library in your hands. Store tens of thousands more on your MicroSD Card.
Wide choice of supported formats such as EPUB, PDF, Text so you can read practically anything.

Easy to use
Simply touch the superior 15,2 cm (6”) clear touch screen to call up favourite books and swipe your finger to turn pages. New Dual Finger Touch lets you zoom in and out by pinching your fingers together or apart. Just press the Back button to return to normal size.
Bookmark pages and return to them instantly.
Search and Zoom makes it easy to find passages and zoom in on text.

Goes wherever life takes you
Small and lightest 15,2 cm (6”) Reader around at just 8.8mm slim and 170 grams and comes with a choice of 3 colours. No bigger than a paperback with tapered edges and an elegant curved profile for easy holding without strain and carrying in a pocket or bag.
Long battery life - read for up to 1 month on one battery charge - that will get you through your long holiday break.

Comfortable on the eyes

With a crystal clear paper-like screen, you can read for hours without eyestrain - even in direct sunlight. The screen has no backlight or flicker like a standard notebook and features 8 adjustable font sizes plus adjustable contrast and brightness.

Instant notes and highlights

Reader automatically recognizes whether you’re using your finger or a stylus and lets you write immediately on the page, highlight text or call up a dictionary.

Never be lost for words
On board are 12 dictionaries including 2 English (British/American) and 10 Translation (to and from French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian). Double-tap a word to find its meaning or translate into one of the 5 languages.

Listen to music while reading
Audio Playback lets you plug in your headphones and listen to music as you read.